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Charts and features for any water activity that work offline so you can navigate confidently. Build and explore on your desktop or navigate on your phone.

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Sea Drive on iPad and iPhone

Free US Charts

You already paid for charts with your tax dollars. Why pay twice? Sea Drive gives you unlimited access (both online and offline) to all NOAA charts.

Free US Charts
Tides & Currents

Tides & Currents

Check tides and currents without an internet connection. Visualize tides and currents for years into the future (or past) at more than 3000 locations around the US.


GPS Location

Turn on the GPS to instantly see your location on the chart. Sea Drive supports north up, course up, and heading up view modes. Your speed over ground is always available.

GPS Location
Offline Downloads

Offline Downloads

We know offline support is important, that's why it free. Download unlimited offline charts so you have access anywhere anytime.


Satellite Overlays

Enable satellite overlays for better navigational awareness and to help visualize your next destination whether it's a beach or a marina.

Satellite Overlays
Dark Mode

Dark Mode

Turn on dark mode during twilight or overnight passagemaking to improve night vision and situational awareness.

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Drop a pin on a secret fishing spot or any point of interest. Share or export your markers.


Build routes and customize waypoint names. Navigate and view ETA, SOG, and bearing to the next waypoint.


Record, pause, and save your vessels location. Share and replay your routes or export a GPX file.

Distance Measurements

Use the caliper tool to measure the distance between points.

GPX Exports

Export routes, tracks, and markers as a GPX file for easy sharing with friends or compatible devices.

Heading Line

Orient your chart to course up mode and view a heading line overlaid on the chart.

Information Tool

Position the cursor and wipe up on the info panel to view details about anything on the chart.

Custom Depth Shading

Tailor the depth shading for your vessel type, be it a paddleboard or a deep keel sailboat.

Safety Depth

Set a custom safety depth and Sea Drive will show warnings about shallow areas.

Location Sharing

Share a link with friends for real time track updates, great for meeting up on the water.

Weather Data

Access weather forecasts including wind and swell/wave heights.

User Driven

We love feedback (especially the bad stuff). Contact us with requests and ideas. We might even build it!

Sea Drive Chart Coverage

Check Chart Coverage

Free US Charts

Sea Drive provides chart coverage for the US, the Great Lakes, and US Territories. We'll expand more globally in the future and we promise to keep chart data at as low of a cost as possible.

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