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Navigating the Tides of Change

Published on Feb 26, 2024 by Mike Scannell · 3 min read

Check out the latest Sea Drive app and you will notice a whole new look to the Tides & Currents feature. With the new Tides & Currents tool you are now able discover past, present and future tidal and current information more efficiently and easily. The updated Tides and Currents feature is now available on both iOS and Android today.

Current icon and details on chart

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How to Access Tides and Currents

On the chart you will see tide and current icons. These icons look like arrows that are filled with either a blue or red indicator. This indicator is meant to give you a quick idea of the direction and phase of the tidal cycle or current direction at a quick glance. Below is an image of the various tide and current icons. The top set of icons are tidal icons. Tidal icons with the arrow pointing up represent a rising tide and are filled with the color blue to show where the rising tide is in the cycle. Let's take the first rising tidal icon on the left, this is completely filled in with blue representing the approaching crest before falling. The next row of tidal icons with the arrows pointing down and filled in with the color red are representing a falling tide. Moving on to the last two rows of icons, these represent currents and current direction on the chart. Like tidal icons, current icons are also filled in with blue and red to represent flooding (blue) and ebbing (red) tidal currents.

Selecting any of these icons will reveal a details window containing more tidal information. The below picture shows the detail window that pops up when clicking on the current icon in the Coney Island Channel.

On the detail window you will see the “VIEW TIDE PREDICTION” link. This link will either appear exactly as you see above or there will be a lock icon. The tidal prediction feature is a part of Sea Drive Pro, but there is a great trial offer to try out this feature and much more. Below is an example of the details that you would see when taping on "VIEW TIDE PREDICTION".

An example tidal prediction information

Tide and current information works off of standard prediction models and reflect the same information that you would be getting from standalone apps, NOAA, and other marine weather sources.

A Unified Sea Drive Experience

Users of the Sea Drive app on iOS may have noticed something different recently — a revamped interface that mirrors its Android counterpart. By unifying the experience on both Android and iOS, we have streamlined the feature rollout process, ensuring that new functionalities reach you quicker.

But this change isn't just about aesthetics or speed. It's about enhancing quality across the board. A unified approach means a more consistent and reliable experience for you, regardless of your device preference. Set sail with confidence, and let Sea Drive guide your journey!