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Sea Drive Pro unlocks advanced functionality to boost your water experience.



Better than your chartplotter.

  • Free US Charts

  • Markers, Tracks, & Routes

  • GPS Location

  • Offline Downloads

  • Export Routes

  • Caliper Tool

  • Points of Interest

  • Custom Depth Shading

  • Live location sharing

Sea Drive Pro


Boost your water experience.

  • Satellite overlay

  • Offline tides and currents

  • Dark mode

  • Weather, wind, & sea state

  • Wind & radar overlay (coming mid 2024)

  • Auto routing (coming late 2024)


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Is there a free trial for Sea Drive Pro?
Yup. New subscribers get a one month free trial.
What charts are included?
Sea Drive offers coverage of the US including the Great Lakes and territories like Guam and Puerto Rico. We'll expand more globally in the near future.
What causes some boats to become party boats?
Pier pressure.

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